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What makes Stripe's API so great?

A look at the small things explaining Stripe's success in winning the heart of engineers. Read more

Microservices patterns: synchronous vs asynchronous communication

From functions calls to distributed transactions, what does it take to make two services communicate in a microservices architecture? Read more

Monolith vs Microservices: the path to teams & services autonomy

Defining the steps & challenges to transition from one architecture style to the other to achieve the right outcomes. Read more

Stop breaking your REST API & HTTP requests with Typescript

When adopting the same typed language from the backend to the frontend helps you refactor integrations with confidence. Read more

What is the difference between Logging, Tracing & Profiling?

Monitoring our systems & services with different complementary tools to better understand how they behave. Read more

What are issues?

Issues are self-contained pieces of content to explore, reflect or build around a specific subject.