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Building solutionswith Technologyis hard.

We live in a fantastic world.

All the world's knowledge around Technology is available at our fingertip. From product design to software engineering, there has never been more articles, videos or newsletters about these subjects.

And yet, builders are stuck, lost trying to know what information to look for or how to make sense of the information they find.

Everything is an infinite feed of "What's new? What's the current hot take?" that we consume in a disconnected & passive way, hoping to find the simple idea that will make us click.

Our brain is not equipped for that.

We have forgotten that the goal is not to learn more things. The goal is to think better, so we can achieve our goals. As WIRED put it in 1993, in the age of information overload, the ultimate luxury is meaning and context.

We need to make it easy to:


by uncovering the connections between the dots

Hard play

by understanding through re-creation & experimentation


by comparing solutions, limitations & finding new direction

By solving a set of disconnected problems, we can only hope to develop a disconnected knowledge. We seek to help builders gain context around the technology they use to better solve their problems, build better products & make others more fulfilled.